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Subsequent processing waste

Methods the subsequent processing and sorting out of thegarbage
1、High temperature and high pressure of organic matter to make catalytic degradation system

      After high temperature and high pressure hydrolysis hydrothermal oxidation ,organic matter, leachate are turned into the "LJ" series of high nutrient ecological organic fertilizer.The high nutrient ecological organic fertilizer overcomes the problems that the pure chemical fertilizer exchanges quality for output and the pure organic fertilizer exchanges quantity for quality in the history of human fertilizer.At the same time other problems are also solved which are the difficulty of percolate disposal,flies and mosquitoes breeding because of organic compost fermentation , stinking. The technology is currently the only harmless, resources of the highest level of the garbage disposal technology.

2、Inorganic matter manufacturing materials system

      Slag is generated in the process of pyrolysis and gasification of inorganic garbage、combustible garbage sorted out by comprehensive winnowing machine and then is made into hollow brick, road brick and other building materials. This system not only increases the income of garbage disposal plant, but also solves the outlet of inorganic waste and slag.

3、Plastic garbage to make wooden board sheeting system

      Plastic garbage, fabric, leather, composite plastic packaging and wood powder(branches, bamboo powder, rice husk, wood scrap)classified from the garbage are made into wooden plastic sheeting.Wooden plastic sheeting can replace the wood. Its advantages:sawing, planing, no insects,anti-corrosion,non-absorbent,non-toxic and harmless,no ormaldehyde,green environmental protection.Wooden plastic sheeting can be widely used in all walks of life. It not only saves a lot of forest resources, and solves the problem of "white pollution". The garbage disposal of low input and high output has enormous benefits of environmental economic .

4、Unrecyclable combustible pyrolysis gasification, waste heat utilization system

      High calorific value of fuel sorted out from comprehensive winnowing machine are processed in pyrolysis gasifier and produce superheated steam which support the hydrolysis hydrothermal oxidation reactor processing organic matter.So this technology is also called "disposing garbage with garbage ".This technology not only deals with the garbage, but also greatly reduces the cost of waste disposal. There are few plastics in pyrolysis gasification furnace and than produces very few harmful gas because of the first greatly thorough classification of garbage sorting.