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The waste before sorting system

      Garbage sorting, has always been the bottle neck of garbage disposal technology. No matter incineration and landfill treatment process,or comprehensive treatment technology still have many failures cases. Because that sorting is not complete, which causing the next working procedure can't run and than the whole production line can't run normally. Garbage sorting system is the core of garbage doesn't fall to the ground five technologies of“LJ”garbage disposal. The system sorts garbage with other small systems which are the garbage uniform feeding, heavy junk automatic sorting system, big garbage crushing system, garbage bags automatic broken、large pieces of organic matter automatic broken system,closed mechanical winnowing system, plastic water-test and fabrication process of organic matter with high temperature and high pressure hydrolysis hydrothermal oxidation "hot" system and so on. And garbage can be sorted into the following:
1、Inorganic matter;           4、Unrecyclable fuel;
2、Sandy soil;                     5、Plastic film;
3、organic plant-based;      6、ferromagnetic plant-based;
      Above, garbage sorting rate all can reach more than 85% , plastic film separation rate can reach more than 90% which laid a solid foundation for the next process of "utilization and industrialization" garbage disposal .
The main methods of handling garbage after classification:
1、Organic: leachate, sludge, high temperature and high pressure of organic matter to make catalytic degradation ;
2、Inorganic: waste slag class , make building materials after crushing and mixing ;
3、Plastic categories: make wooden plastic sheeting;
4、The ferromagnetic plant-based: mainly composed of recycling;
5、Unrecyclable fuel types: burn after scientific formula and utilize waste heat;
6、Sandy waste :Produce  nutrient soil to improve soil after natural stacking fermentation 。