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Garbage collection system

      Garbage collection system of garbage doesn't fall to the ground five technologies of “LJ” garbage disposal, collected by fully enclosed buried environmental barrels, compression truck with a special hook arm. Closed transportation, no odor, no mosquitoes and flies ,no bad smell. Don’t need transfer station and the investment can be reduced by half. Less land occupation, urban and rural areas are more environmentally friendly. The collection system not only can be installed in urban high populated areas such as lawn, square, which is convenient for public garbage disposal and reduce the labor intensity of the sanitation workers, also increase the environmental landscape of the city .and is especially suitable for the villages and towns garbage collection, completely solve the problem that the quantity of villages and towns garbage is too little to construct garbage disposal plant and also solve these problems: large investment of building garbage transfer station , high cost of collection and transportation, serious secondary pollution. So new socialist countryside completely from the garbage pollution.