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Brief introduction of LJ new technology

“Rapid, harmless, non-residual, resource recycling, and industrialization” processing technology, is called short for garbage doesn't fall to the ground five technologies of “LJ” garbage disposal. The technique combines 7 main systems as a whole: 1, pollution free system of collection and transportation; 2, closed mechanical garbage sorting system; 3, high temperature and high pressure of organic matter to make catalytic degradation system; 4, inorganic matter manufacturing building materials system; 5, plastic garbage to make wooden board sheeting system; 6, combustible pyrolysis gasification, waste heat utilization system; 7, recyclable material recycling system . The system collects garbage and produces products on the day. This process has zero pollution and the disposal is harmless.

    This system completely solves these problems : 1, garbage transfer station to be built need large investment and has serious secondary pollution. The collection of garbage is difficult. The cost of transportation is high ; 2, The manual sorting damages the health of workers. It has low work efficiency and incomplete classification and the follow-up processes are difficult to deal with ; 3, Garbage landfill occupies large land and long time. It is difficult to deal with the pollution problem of groundwater、soil and air ; 4, The operating cost of garbage power technology is expensive and the harmful gases produced are difficult to deal with; 5, The quality of compost fertilizer is too poor to be resources recycling.There are a lot of flies and mosquitoes breeding,and bad smell in composting plant which are serious harm to physical health of the surrounding people .