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Company Profile

      Shanghai Jiming environmental protection equipment co.,ltd and Shanghai Jiming environmental protection engineering co., ltd are high-tech private environmental companies, which professionally constructs disposal projects and manufacture equipments. They were established in 2009 and the registered capitals are 20 million yuan and 50 million yuan.Chairman Yang Ji-ming researches and develops the“rapid, harmless, non-residual, resource recycling, and industrialization”processing technology, is called short for garbage does not fall to the ground five technologies of “LJ” garbage disposal. It is the core technology of company, as well as the leading high-tech technology in the field of household garbage disposal around the world.
      This technology is successfully applied in Luoping county, Yunnan province、Jianshui county, Shanxiprovince、Tunliu county, Liaoning province、Xiangyuan county,Liaoning province,、Haicheng, Guizhou province、Tengao county,Liaoning province、Chishui city,Guizhou province and so on. The technology help the region achieve the target of garbage disposal which are harmless, reduction, resource oriented. It also help the area to be the national health city and made a significant contribution for these areas to be landscapes of the city, environmental protection model cities.The experts all agreed that: garbage does not fall to the ground five technologies of “LJ” garbage disposal is accord with the requirements of the development of circular economy and represents the development direction of the garbage disposal industry.